Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trump Pushes Executive Orders and Tax Cuts: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Characters don't get any more badass than Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike is my favorite characters on TV right now. His scenes in Better Call Saul are phenomenal. Here is one of the best from Season 1. No spoilers.

If you aren't watching Better Call Saul, you should be. Season 3 is shaping up nicely.

Food Pyramid Manipulation

The original food pyramid given to the US govt by nutritionists was altered for the benefit of the food industry and grain growers


Article written by one of the original scientists: A Fatally Flawed Food Guide

As a new Food Guide to replace the Food Pyramid is being considered, it appears our nutritional needs are being sold to the highest bidder ... again! Nutritionist Luise Light, a former USDA insider and an architect of the original version of the Food Pyramid — that never saw the light of day — describes the fatal flaws of a government bowing to industry interests.




Jim Morrison on Stage, 1967


Net Neutrality Ends Here


10 Scary Yet Beautiful Facts About Space & Us

What a nicely done video. Pleasant music mixed with interesting facts. Worth a watch.


31 Explosive Facts about Volcanoes


Why Credit Cards Are A Scam - Honest Ads