Friday, January 17, 2014

The Tourist

A wealthy American tourist traveling in Spain goes to a fancy restaurant and requests the most expensive item on the menu.

They bring him two large round balls of a very unusual looking meat. He is pleased by the size of the portions, but is wondering what kind of meat it is and asks the waiter.

The waiter explains that after a bullfight, the meat is given to various charities, but the testicles of the bull are an incredible delicacy and sold to the finest restaurants. At first he is disgusted, but very curious and not wanting to be rude he takes a bite and is amazed; they're delicious!

 A few days later, he decides that it was so good that he returns to the restaurant and orders the same item. "Excellent choice sir!" The waiter exclaims. But when he brings the dish to the man, the portions this time are tiny.

"Wait, what?" He asks, clearly upset, "What's this?"
"Well, as you can see," The waiter responds, a little embarrassed, "The bullfighter does not always win."


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