Saturday, October 31, 2015

Holy Shit


Reddit's crack me up video compilation

YouTube user Teri Z has put together a compilation of videos posted by Redditors in a thread called "What is a short (< 1min) video that always cracks you up?"

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Monday, October 26, 2015

On The Pirate Ship

A sailor gets horny during his first week on a pirate ship.

So he goes up to the captain and asks, "What do you guys use when you get horny?"

The captain says, "There's a barrel over there with a hole in it. We use that."

The sailor replies, "Great when can I use it?"

"You can use it any day of the week, except Tuesday." The captain explained
The sailor asks, "Why not Tuesday?"

The captain grinned and said, "Cause that's your day in the barrel."


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This Onion piece perfectly sums up news channel content


Wedding Fails Compilation


Mike Ditka Farted on TV Last Night


Good Ideas


Photo of Conrad Heyer

Amazingly, we have a photograph of a man who crossed the Delaware with George Washington. This is Conrad Heyer, born in 1749 and photographed in 1852 at age 103. He served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, crossed the Delaware with Washington in December 1776, and fought in several major battles. The Maine Historical Society says that this makes him the earliest-born human being ever to be photographed.


Friday, October 16, 2015

Link List 10-16-15

InstaNerd - Facts presented to make you smarter.  

Jugglr - Facts and Bite-Sized Knowledge.  Similar to above

Man tries to put out garbage fire by driving over it in a van loaded with ammunition


Paramount Pictures has launched an official, verified YouTube channel — called The Paramount Vault — where you can watch full length films for free [if you’re based in the US]. 


A List of useful websites:

  1. -- Read declassified documents.
  2. Useful and educational links. Set it as you homepage and forget about it.
  3. An anonymous search engine.
  4. Find out how long it takes to read any book.
  5. Find something to do when you are bored.
  6. A database of cheatsheets for students.
  7. A quick punctuation reference guide.
  8. Use software without installing it.
  9. Free textbooks.
  10. Convert videos and pictures into gifs.
  11. A distraction free writing tool.
  12. Make your writing bolder and clearer.
  13. A central hub of tutorials, tools, and assets for developers and designers.
  14. Transfer large files over the internet.



Jabuticab Tree

Grows the fruit on the trunk!
The fruit is a thick-skinned berry and typically measures 3–4 cm in diameter. The fruit resembles that of a slip-skin grape. It has a thick, purple, astringent skin that encases a sweet, white or rosy pink gelatinous flesh. Embedded within the flesh are one to four large seeds, which vary in shape depending on the species.[2] Common in Brazilian markets, jabuticabas are largely eaten fresh; their popularity has been likened to that of grapes in the United States. Fresh fruit may begin to ferment 3 to 4 days after harvest, so they are often used to make jams, tarts, strong wines, and liqueurs. Due to the extremely short shelf-life, fresh jabuticaba fruit is very rare in markets outside of areas of cultivation.




The Parking Attendant


It's Tough Being A Kid


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hypocritical Hillary

I know all this election garbage is annoying and I promise not to post too much about it.  This issue just fills me with rage.  She incorrectly stated during the debates that Snowden didn't go through the proper channels for a whistleblower.  He TRIED, that failed and then he went to the press. She is spreading lies.  I fear she will get elected because she is a woman, and there is a serious lack of viable candidates.  UGH.


Back To The Future In ACTUAL 2015

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