Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Giant Shpere Unearthed in Forest

This round rock could be the oldest stone sphere made by human hands, says Bosnian archaeologist Semir Osmanagic.
Discovered in a forest near the Bosnian town Zavidovici, the ball has a radius of between four and five feet, and an "extremely high" iron content.
Dr Osmanagic believes the sphere proves the existence of an advanced lost civilisation dating back more than 1,500 years ago.
According to his fellow researcher Dr. Sam Osmanagich, the region used to have many more of the spheres well into the 20th century. Many were apparently destroyed in the 1970s due to rumours there was gold hidden in the middle of them.
In 2016, critics are once again lining up to poke holes in Dr Osmanagic's rather grand claims. Discussing the Zavidovici spehere, Mandy Edwards of the University of Manchester's School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences told MailOnline the rock may not be man-made at all, and have been formed by the "precipitation of natural mineral cement within the spaces between sediment grains" - a process known as concretion.


Reliability of Age Progression Photos

Age Progression and It's Reliability

When a child goes missing without a trace, the first 24 hours after disappearance can make the difference between finding the person dead or alive. Nevertheless, even after lengthy time periods, children do get located and recovered. In that scenario, the reliability of age progression can be crucial. Age progression is a computer-rendered image that shows what a child might look like now.  Read the rest here.


Record Sized Gator Spotted in Florida

This is apparently an actual, unaltered photo of a huge (possibly record-sized) gator that was seen lumbering across a golf course in Palmetto, Florida.

I wouldn't believe it's real, but the news story has video of it as well. 


Liberal Redneck - Belief Don't Matter None


Love, Shaq

I know, now it's stuck in your head too.


Monday, May 30, 2016

20 Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Related


May 2016 Fail Compilation


Symphony of Destruction


You must try the toys out in the store before purchase


Jacobs Well, Texas


Iceland's Ring Road


Teenage party in 1945


T-Rex Street Race




Kid's Imagination


Be Decisive


Military Hot Potato


Animal Revenge Classics


When you hear some shit outside and turn the porch light on


2016 Election Bumper Sticker


Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Nice Guys Official Trailer #3

An English Lesson

A teacher asks her class to use the word 'contagious' in a sentence.

 Sally, the class genius, raises her hand and says, "Last year I got the mumps, and my mom said it was contagious."

"Very good," says the teacher. "Would anyone else like to try?"

Little Johnny raises his hand and stands to give his answer.

"Our mean next door neighbor was painting her house by hand, and my dad said it would take the contagious.


New Game


Off Center Door


Link List 5-29-16

Sea sponge the size of a minivan discovered in ocean depths off Hawaii


Six Conspiracy Theories So Stupid They're Works Of Art


Man's penis bitten by terrifying creature hiding in his toilet 


Neanderthals constructed complex subterranean buildings 175,000 years ago, a new archaeological discovery has found. Neanderthals built mysterious, fire-scorched rings of stalagmites 1,100 feet into a dark cave in southern France—a find that radically alters our understanding of Neanderthal culture.


There probably won't be a 3rd season of true detective 




Dash Cam falls out of rally car crash - creates director's cut


Kitchen Herb Garden

I'll take things I want for $500, Alex


Crushing Cans


Oh Deer, Mixed Media


Spelling is important


Digestive System Diagram


Dead Man's Fingers

Xylaria polymorpha, more commonly known as “Dead man’s fingers” is a saprobic fungus, usually growing from the base of decaying wood.

What Orwell failed to predict


Keep On The Grass


You've come to the wrong neighborhood


$200,000 Asset


ATM Irony


Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Job Openings


Early morning - Maligne lake, Alberta Canada


The Fart

Dr. Epstein was a renowned physician who earned his medical degree in his hometown and then left for Manhattan.

Soon he was invited to give a speech in his hometown. As he placed his papers on the lectern they slid off onto the floor and when he bent over to retrieve them, at precisely the wrong instant, he farted, and the microphone amplified it throughout the room.

He was embarrassed but regained his composure to deliver his paper. As he concluded, he raced out the stage door, never to be seen in his hometown again.

Decades later when his elderly mother was ill, he returned to visit her. He reserved a hotel room under a false name, Solomon Levy, and arrived under cover of darkness. The desk clerk asked him, "Is this your first visit to our city, Mr. Levy?"

Dr. Epstein replied, "Well, young man, no, it isn't. I grew up here but then I moved away."

"Why haven't you visited?" asked the desk clerk.

"I did visit once, many years ago, but an embarrassing thing happened and since then I've been too ashamed to return."

The clerk consoled him. "Sir, while I don't have your life experience, one thing I have learned is that often what seems embarrassing to me isn't even remembered by others. I bet that's true of your incident too."

"Dr. Epstein replied, "Son , I doubt that's the case with my incident."

"Was it a long time ago?"

"Yes, many years."

The clerk asked, ‘Was it before or after the Epstein Fart?"


Mangled bus driving along casually

What the what?


Man, Dressed as Plant


Important Distinction


Stephen King Speaking Against Trump


Happy Baby Elephant


Frank Underwood on Idiots


Friday, May 27, 2016

Heat: The Perfect Blend of Realism and Style


Now I'm sure you are going to watch the movie now.  So good.  Anyway, here is the shootout scene in case you are stuck at work or otherwise can't watch the movie right now.

Interesting Sandstone Formation

This is a 6 foot wide sandstone concretion from Fontainebleau, France. It formed 20 million years ago when superheated water flowed through fine quartz sand, cementing it together. Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Normal Friends vs Best Friend


Quick, act natural


Lost Dog


One Conversation


Job Security


One Sting


Franco Roast


Man's Garbage Onion Headline