Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Link List 5-3-17

How Trump Could Get Fired -  The New Yorker 

"Nobody occupies the White House without criticism, but Trump is besieged by doubts of a different order, centering on the overt, specific, and, at times, bipartisan discussion of whether he will be engulfed by any one of myriad problems before he has completed even one term in office—and, if he is, how he might be removed."
 "More than fifty thousand mental-health professionals have signed a petition stating that Trump is 'too seriously mentally ill to perform the duties of president and should be removed' under the Twenty-fifth Amendment."

Supreme Court Rejects Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Says States Cannot Keep Money From The Innocent

Armed with this ruling, the Nelson decision may set an important precedent to rein in another abusive civil proceeding: civil forfeiture. The parallels are striking. Through civil forfeiture, law enforcement can confiscate and keep cash, cars and real estate without securing a criminal conviction or filing charges against the owner. Perversely, under civil forfeiture, even those found not guilty in criminal court can still forfeit their property in civil court, since the latter has a lower standard of proof. 

Jared Kushner didn’t disclose his business ties with George Soros, Peter Thiel, and Goldman Sachs or that he owes $1 billion in loans


Republican Blurts Out That Sick People Don’t Deserve Affordable Care 


It's official. Humans are going to Mars. NASA has unveiled their plan. 


15 Things Happening Right Now (Cracked) 


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