Saturday, June 24, 2017

Link List 6-24-17

Sony's Denzel Washington Legal Drama Gets Title Of 'Roman Israel, Esq.' - From Director Dan Gilroy (Nightcrawler) - Also Starring Colin Farrell and Carmen Ejogo - Hollywood has been seriously lacking in legal thrillers in recent years.  I hope this changes the outlook.


The Senate GOP hid the meanest things very deeply in its Obamacare repeal bill. We found them

"It’s buried in changes made to the ACA’s so-called Section 1332 waivers, which are designed to allow states to try innovative approaches to healthcare, especially through their Medicaid programs. Under the ACA, states can only seek waivers under certain conditions. The 'innovative' changes can’t lead to fewer people insured, or subject them to higher out-of-pocket expenses.
The Senate bill repeals those limitations — and removes the flexibility of the Secretary of Health and Human Services to approve them. Under the measure, the secretary “must” approve a waiver request as long as it won’t increase the federal deficit. As a result, states would be able to eliminate the essential health benefits that all health plans must provide under the ACA — including hospitalization, prescription coverage, maternity care and substance abuse and mental health treatment. Since only essential health benefits are subject to the ban on lifetime and annual benefit limits, high-cost patients such as cancer victims and sufferers from chronic diseases could permanently lose their benefits early in their treatment."

Dracula's Castle Now Being Guarded By Bears 


According to Boston defense attorney Harvey Silverglate, you have probably committed three felonies every day by dinner.  


Sheep Gives Birth to an Abomination That Looks Half-Human 


'Spaceballs' at 30: Bill Pullman Says Crew Worried Blue Screen Would Make Them Go Blind 


The Monster of Florence - Hannibal Lecter was inspired by grotesque serial killings between 1974 and 1985 where seven couples were murdered while making love in parked cars in the hills of Florence, Italian. The case was never solved. 


Misery loves company: why Stephen King remains Hollywood's favorite author 


43 arrested in ObamaCare repeal protests at Capitol - watch the video here. Literally yanking and dragging the disabled out of their wheelchairs for protesting a bill that might kill them. 






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