Thursday, July 27, 2017

Link List 7-27-17

In 1993 a man named William Brennan walked out of the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas with $500K in cash and chips and vanished, along with his cat. He has never been heard from since, making it one of the most successful casino robberies in history.


Oscar Winner Mahershala Will Star in True Detective Season 3 - I'm very excited for this.  I am anxiously awaiting to see which people are picked to be directors. This will be the determining factor of the quality. 


A Reddit Legal Advice post about the most outrageous HOA problem.  There was an update posted here later on.  My goodness.

Here is a handy infographic from VOX explaining what is next for the GOP's effort to repeal the ACA

Over 2,500 products have shrunk in size over the past five years but are being sold for the same price, official figures show. - Hidden inflation. Products are packaged in smaller and smaller containers with shittier and shittier ingredients.  

Wal-Mart is developing a facial recognition system - If they can identify shoplifters, they can identify everyone else too.

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