Sunday, August 27, 2017

Link List 8-27-17

Some patients treated for putting sunblock in their eyes during eclipse  - This is NOT an Onion article, sadly

Bill Maher: The Presidency's Unwritten Rules Must Now Be Written Down


In the Arctic, where warming is happening twice as fast as the rest of the planet, a Russian tanker sailed across the Northern Sea Route in record speed and without the aid of an icebreaker for the first time. 


Brazil destroys huge Amazon reserve in 'biggest attack' in 50 years


How we can fight back against Jeff Sessions' new highway robbery policy - Civil asset forfeiture needs to be abolished.    


D.C. judge approves government warrant for data from anti-Trump website - First it was approved, then it was quashed, then it was approved again. This should be scary to anyone that likes the First Amendment. 

The University of Illinois has a fantastic stain removal database that you can search for how to deal with almost any type of stain

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