Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Reddit asks: What is absolutely hilarious as long as it's not happening to you?

  • Throwing something then having it bounce and hit you in the head 
  • Calling your teacher mom or dad
  • Looking somewhere else and then walking into a pole
  •  Watching someone try to teach a 100% incompetent coworker a new skill
  • Accidentally letting out a fart while sneezing in a quiet room full of people
  • When somebody answers a question so wrong that you start to wonder if they're even in that class or they sat down in the wrong lecture
  • Someone fighting off a spiderweb. You can't see it from far away so they just look like they're spazzin out.
  • When a comedian roasts someone in the crowd
  • When someones trousers split
  • Having your leg humped enthusiastically from a dog
  • Getting shit on by an animal

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