Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What Ending Net Neutrality Looks Like

The FCC wants to make the internet suck. Suck big giant hairy smelly balls. I’m not sure many people realize how bad they want to make the internet. Companies could make you pay extra for visiting certain sites. If they are in competition with Netflix, your ISP could block Netflix all together. It’s super bad.
This is really important. Congress is the only thing that can stop this. Which probably means we’re screwed, but I would like you to do me a favor anyway.
Figure out who represents you. Send them a message. Give them a call. Send them a fax (yes this really works). Mail them a postcard. Do all of these things if you have the time. Don’t let your apathy take over. We need to find our willpower and make ourselves heard. Tell them Net Neutrality is good. The FCC can suck it. Keep our internet free from corporate tampering.

This is a realistic idea of what internet pricing will look like after the FCC gets their way:


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