Friday, December 15, 2017

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Nothing To Burgle


Stabilizing to the Milky Way shows the rotation of the earth


85 year old woman loses control in parking lot

"An 85 year old woman was leaving the grocery store parking lot. While she was leaving, she put the car in drive and drove up a curb to the other side, hitting a white Honda CRV. I heard tires screeching, looked over, and started recording. After I started recording, she put her car into reverse, backed up off the curb, and then put it into drive. She went back and forth several times and the last final time she reversed off the curb into the street. Then she put it into drive, jumped the curb, and slammed into the Honda CRV. This finally set her air bags off. A couple rushed to her car and helped her out. She claimed the car itself went out of control, and she didn't know what was going on. The fire department and paramedics checked her out to make sure she was okay. The DMV is now making her retake her driving test."


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Sunday, December 3, 2017

US Senate passes tax cuts for America's richest in late-night vote

US Senate passes tax cuts for America's richest in late-night vote


This was voted on near the middle of the night on Friday, with no advance copies provided. Transparency my ass.

Here is what is included (credit to u/taksark):

*An abortion law reclassifying life at conception.
*A clause to drill oil in Alaska’s arctic wildlife preserve.
*Pulled the mandate for the ACA.13 million lose insurance and premiums raise in cost by 10%.
*Allows churches to endorse political candidates.
*Cuts $400 billion from Medicare (the one for old people, the "third rail")
*Has a tax break for private jet owners
*Increases taxes on 87 million families
*Adds $1 trillion to the deficit.
*Forces phd students to pay taxes on waived tuition. (Correction: Apparently this is still only in the house's version)

I have read that it also eliminates the tax deductions for expenses for small and medium sized businesses and eliminates the medical deduction for families.

Call your reps - Make sure this doesn't pass the house.

Important Info on Tax Plan

This is so important. I had no idea and I'm a small business owner. This will end that. Share this with anyone that will be effected.


Sudden Collapse


Friday, December 1, 2017

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Thoroughbreds | Official Trailer 2

In theaters March 9, 2018.

Knife Grinders from 1900s

This picture circa 1900s shows knife grinders also called ventres jaunes (‘yellow stomachs’ referring to the yellow dust released by the grinding wheel). By laying face down, these yellow stomachs would save their backs from being hunched over all day. Workers were encourage to bring their dogs to not only keep them company but to act as heaters to keep them warm by having the dogs lie on their legs. (Photo is from the web-site of, French knife maker, Claude Dozorme - ” The Wolf ”).



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