Thursday, December 21, 2017

Link List 12-21-17

27 Facts About The Movie Christmas Vacation


Jimmy Page Says Previously Unreleased Led Zeppelin Material Will See the Light of Day in 2018


We’re witnessing the wholesale looting of America - Politicians are making decisions to enrich their donors — and at times themselves personally — with a reckless disregard for any kind of objective policy analysis or consideration of public opinion.


A Groundbreaking Case May Force Controversial Data Firm Cambridge Analytica to Reveal Trump Secrets -

People don’t realize that all of their consumer behavior—every time they swipe their credit card, what websites they visit, the TV shows they watch—is being re-connected to your voter file and processed internationally,” Carroll says. “And we can’t opt out of it.”
McKew tells Mother Jones. “Why does some company incorporated in the United Kingdom have [our data]? What the hell is that for? If it were just about selling shoes, or getting you to buy vitamins or whatever crap—ok, fine. But that’s not what it’s being used for, and they specifically say that. [SCL] is a company that’s marketing themselves as a military-grade psychological warfare and psychological operations company. That is a problem for all of us.”

An innocent man is out of prison after lawyers located the real criminal who looks exactly like him - He served 17 years of a 19 year sentence. 


Apple admits it slows older iPhones, confirming Geekbench report 


Alcohol level in air at fraternity party registers on Breathalyzer

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