Saturday, February 10, 2018

Link List 2-10-18

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un impersonators thrown out of the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony


 By suppressing the expression of certain genes specifically for beak development, scientists were able to grow a chicken embryo with a dinosaur-like snout instead of a beak


12 Books You to Read Before Seeing the Movies this Spring 


Companies are sorry about security flaws. Just not sorry enough to change (mostly because their punishments are a small fine equal to a small percentage of the profits made off of the action anyway). 


Thanks to a loophole in Kansas law, 6 teens are running for governor


Russians successfully hacked into U.S. voter systems, says official (Three major states. The article explains that they have yet to prove anything was tampered with, but do you seriously believe if hackers gained access they just looked around and said, "whelp, better leave this alone.")


The oldest film listed on the IMDB is Roundhay Garden Scene (1888.) (All 3 seconds)


Federal judge who Donald Trump disparaged as 'Mexican' set to preside over US-Mexico border wall case (That's ironical).






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