Friday, March 2, 2018

Link List 3-2-18


Equifax finds an additional 2.4 million Americans impacted by 2017 breach  - They are slowly admitting this breach impacted the entire country. Still no repercussions, still hoarding your personal information with very little protection. 


Elizabeth Warren: "Equifax may actually make money off this breach" - Go get 'em Elizabeth. You are our only hope.

FBI counterintel investigating Ivanka Trump business deal - This is a really big deal. With her husband losing his security clearance this week, and the National Security Advisor resigning we are moving into the new phase of the White house of cards.

New details have emerged that Facebook is monitoring every internet user, even if they are not a Facebook user - I have known this for awhile, it is nice to see some proof. They make "ghost profiles" of non-users and track who is possibly their friends. Creepy shit man.

'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood': Tarantino's Latest Gets Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt - To start filming soon.

Two drunk gentlemen try to pass each other - funny gif of a drunk guy having some issues with a mirror.

20 Literary Adaptations Disavowed by Their Original Authors



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