Thursday, March 22, 2018

Link List 3-22-18

The CLOUD Act would let cops get our data directly from big tech companies like Facebook without needing a warrant. Congress just snuck it into the must-pass omnibus package.


16 Signs Your Relationship is Emotionally Abusive 


Monty Python is Coming to Netflix


Switching from unhealthy to healthier diet lowers depressive symptoms more than social support sessions 


20,000 Republicans just voted for an actual Nazi 


House Dem moves to force vote on bill protecting Mueller - At least we will be able to find out who the traitors are before November. Please register to vote and then actually go vote. We need to protect our country and that is the best way to endure (I made a typo, I meant to type "ensure" but I decided this makes sense too). 


Republicans Start Talking Impeachment - This link is to a video because MSNBC cannot ever be bothered to type out an article. I know this doesn't mean much in Senate land, but it's a start. 



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