Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Link List 3-27-18

Doctors Have Restored The Sight of Two People in a Monumental World First - British physicians have successfully used stem cells to repair the degenerating tissue at the back of two patients' eyes in a world first, effectively reversing their diminishing eyesight. The US could be making these breakthroughs with stem cells if we weren't pandering to the religious right and their "concerns." Now will will have to wait 10 years for the FDA to go though their process to approve. Actually, the USA may never have this available.


John Bolton Warns War With North Korea Won’t Be Cakewalk Like Iraq - This guy is a scary asshole. I will repeat myself until he is removed from his new position in Cheeto Mussolini's staff.


Everything Coming to Netflix, Hulu, and Prime April 2018


19 Hilariously Creative Desktop Wallpapers That You’ll Want To Copy


Yes, You Can Indict the President (NY Times)


Facebook confirms it records call history, stoking privacy furor 




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