Thursday, March 8, 2018

Tommy's Death

A friend of two rednecks burns to death in a fire.

The police office calls Joe-bob and Billy-Joe down to the morgue to identify who the police suspect may be their close friend Tommy.

The first to arrive at the morgue was Joe-bob.

"Jesus" he says, "Sure is burnt. roll him over."

The mortician is confused, but rolls him over.

"That ain't Tommy."

Next Billy Joe arrived at the morgue.

"Can't tell if that's Tommy, roll him over."

The mortician rolls him over.

"That ain't Tommy."

"Excuse me sir" the mortician says "How can you two tell he's not Tommy by rolling them over?"

Billy Joe says "Cuz Tommy had 2 assholes."

"What!?" the mortician exclaims.

Billy Joe replies surprised, "Oh, the whole town knew it. Whenever all us would walk through town together, people would say 'there goes Tommy with them 2 assholes."


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