Monday, July 2, 2018

Link List 7-2-18

Mystery person buys $1M worth of remaining toys at Toys 'R' Us store to donate to kids


New Data Breach May Have Exposed Data on Almost Every American Adult

'Wired reported Wednesday that Exactis, a Palm Coast, Fla.-based marketing and data-aggregation company, had exposed a database containing almost 2 terabytes of data, containing nearly 340 million individual records, on a public server. That included records of 230 million consumers and 110 million businesses.'
'While the database apparently does not include credit-card numbers or Social Security numbers, it does include phone numbers, email and postal addresses as well as more than 400 personal characteristics, such as whether a person is a smoker, if they own a dog or cat, their religion and a multitude of personal interests.'


Former Equifax Manager Charged With Insider Trading - Don't get too excited here, it's just the 'fall guy.'


Funeral home sued after woman’s body found years after death 


15 Fun Facts About The Movie Coming To America


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