Friday, August 31, 2018

When you need a better trunk but don't get paid until next week


Paint Brush Humor


The wait


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Link List 8-30-18

'Mr. Robot' to End With Season 4  - Note: it wasn't cancelled, the showrunners wanted it this way.


 WV State Police seize $10K from couple without charging them with a crime - Civil asset forfeiture is literally highway robbery. This needs to end.


10 Facts About 'Ozark' on Netflix - Reminder: Season 2 is available tomorrow 

Nickelodeon has started a streaming service that brings back all of your 90's favorites - For $6/ Month I would assume it would include the best of the best. It, however, does not include The Adventures of Pete and Pete or Rugrats so I will be passing.

Getting Attention


Kangaroo on a Trampoline

Circumhorizontal Arc

This atmospheric phenomenon is known as a circumhorizontal arc, which occurs when the sun is at least 58° above the horizon and the hexagonal ice crystals which form cirrus clouds become horizontally aligned.   

Insect Disguise

Hymenopus Coronatus, Parablepharis Kuhlii, Phyllium Giganteum, and Choeradodis Rhomboidea



For the record


Airline Travel


Monday, August 27, 2018